I'm Robin, but you can call me noteverstill.

My lovely husband and I live in the Maryland suburbs of DC, where I work for The Government and he works for one of those organizations that tries to influence The Government. We have three children: seven- and five-year-old daughters, and a sweet three-year-old son. I take our youngest little love with me to work where he spends his days in a childcare program tucked gently into the same building where I spend my quietest eight hours; while our elder two, once not too long ago also gently tucked in all day with Mama, now go off each day to the adventures known as second grade and kindergarten. I have the best of both worlds: a strong career and a wonderful, nearby, rambunctious family. That work-life balance thing? I am lucky in that it is no myth.

I'm learning how to sew. I read avidly, write compulsively, and am happiest when my plans exceed my hours in a day. I believe in wishing on first stars and dandelion puffs; that clean laundry is not over-rated but folded and put-away laundry is; that the glass really is half full; and that imagination can never be too nurtured. I have a station wagon filled with living proof. Let’s just not discuss that the metaphorical half-full glass is actually really a juice box with a bendy straw, and that sometimes it gets squirted all over the rear-view mirror...and the back of my head.


Or you can just go read my 100 Things (About Me) post, or to learn yet more, visit my About.me profile.

Very occasionally, when my four loves are sleeping and I disregard the toys, the clothing mountain, the dishes, the email, and the reports I'll be writing tomorrow...(shhhh)...(don't tell)...I do sit still. Just for a moment.

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