Monday, September 30, 2013

Thinking things: September

Every night E asks me for Thinking Things. They are intellectual exercises or imagination prompts to keep her mind busy in the minutes between settling in to the dark and feeling relaxed enough to sleep. What began as a distraction technique so she wouldn't fixate on the things that scare her at night has become her favorite meditation, questions posed and quietly considered. It's become a favorite connection of mine to her, too, as I often hear her answers the next morning and love the insight into her sweet and creative thought process.

I don't know how long she'll ask me for Thinking Things but for as long as she does, I'll be sharing a selection of the ones I offered her in a month at the end of that month. Maybe you'll use them for wild conversations with your wild one, too. 


1) If the sky wasn't blue and the grass wasn't green and the sun wasn't yellow -- if you could change the standard arrangement of the world's colors -- what colors would you make everything?

2) Write me an acrostic poem using the letters of your full name.

3) Where would you go if you could fly like a bird?

4) What would life be like if we all had toes on our hands and fingers on our toes?

5) Invent a new Rainbow Loom pattern.

6) Tell me about the house you're going to live in when you're a grown-up.

7) Write me a story about a unicorn.

8) You recognize the English alphabet and you know what letters look like in other alphabets. Invent your own characters for an alphabet.

9) If your name wasn't your name, what would you name yourself?

10) If you had a tail like an animal, what kind of tail would it be?

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