Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pocketful of coconuts

Government shutdown -- day five

We chaperoned a second-grade field trip today, G and I. The littlest chaperone wasn't very excited about it. Usually chaperoning is a voluntary activity, but not for him. Luckily the walk to school from the parking lot carried us under an oak tree. "Look at all those acorns!" I said to the boy. Yes! Coconuts! he replied.

"You know that they're called acorns? These little guys are acorns. Coconuts are as big as your head."

That's silly, Mommy. You're tricking me. I'm going to pick up these coconuts! We can cook with them!

I didn't argue too much. He's at my mercy these days. What's a couple dozen shrunken coconuts between furloughed friends?

Government shutdown -- day six

"What do you want to do today, mister?"

We can make coconut soup!


With my coconuts from my girls' school I picked yesterday!

"Do you like coconut soup?"

No way! But you can eat it.

[Mental note: as much as he likes the girls' monogrammed pink aprons, it's time to get him one of his own.]

Here's what we did:

knowing that the boy would never eat this soup, and not knowing if it's even okay to eat acorns, we simmered some yummy aromatics on the stovetop and called that our soup.

::To one small saucepan, add your 'coconuts,' as much water as a boy can heft in the big measuring cup without spilling, one stick of cinnamon, one star of anise, some fresh chopped ginger, a handful of cloves, some orange peel.

::Also add paprika because we need red and sesame seeds because coconut soup always has white sprinkles.

::Simmer on the stovetop on low heat all day, because you are home ALL DAY. Add water periodically. Stir as often as desired. Enjoy the smell as it fills your home.

::Think of it as stock, or sourdough starter. Save your coconut syrup so you may simmer it again tomorrow.

::Optional -- have this conversation:

     "Okay, but you know they're really called acorns, right?"
     Oh, Mommy, you're funny.


You understand why the government needs to re-open, right? Clearly this boy needs to further his education.

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