Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If you ask a kid what candy she wants to bring to school

for the daycare's Valentine's party, she will ask if she can come to the store with you so she may choose herself.

And if you agree to go to the grocery store with your five-year-old because you need eggs and cottage cheese and juice boxes anyway, she will jump with excitement and ask to hold the reusable grocery bags.

But when you give her the grocery bags, she will forget them in the car in her excitement to snag a purple car-shopping-cart.

And after you have stood in the February air as she test drove all three car-carts before selecting just the right one, you might realize that you don't have your bags an allow yourself to pay the five-cent bag tax.

And just as soon as you roll your driver's ed car-cart student into the store, she will abandon her quest for a license and jump out of the car-cart because she spies the green upright "Customer in Training" junior grocery carts.

And because you have no desire to push an empty car-cart when you could have had an ordinary cart, you will decide that you can make everything fit in her junior cart.

And you will make lo, many important decisions about Valentine's candy.

And those decisions will fill the junior cart.

And you will go home with taxed bags and no juice boxes and one very, very happy five-year-old.

And you will realize that you will go to the store again tomorrow. On your lunch hour. Alone.

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