Thursday, August 23, 2012


6pm yesterday, with E, in a restaurant next to a huge college campus

why do all those people have the same badges?

I think it's some kind of freshman orientation activity. The new college students who never came here to school before this year get to come first and meet some new friends.

Oh, good, I'm so glad you can still eat Noodles in college. I was worried it was a kid food. 

8pm yesterday, in L's bed, as I scooched all her long legs over to make room for myself:

you know, right, that even if you're taller than me one day, you'll always be my bebe?

YOU know, right, that I will be taller than you? And then you'll be my bebe? And when that happens I will hold your short little mama legs in my big tall lap?

2am today, in G's bed:

Mommy!! Mommy me need you!

I'm here love, shh. Go to sleep.

No me can get your ear. Your ear is broken. It's broken by the hair. Move it so me can get your ear.

5am today, in G's bed:

Mommy!! Why you here? No me want you!! DADDY!!

In ten minutes, on a neighborhood walk with E:

We found out about your first grade class, love. Your teacher is really great. She's supposed to be the best. She used to be a kindergarten teacher and she's really good at paying attention to kids' feelings just as much as how well they're learning. We're so glad you're in her class.

But we're so sad that none of the four friends you requested are in there with you. They're all assigned elsewhere. 

We don't know why. We're trusting that the school has arranged a good class for you with a caring teacher.

We know you're scared. We love you.

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