Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Set the table

I have an unscientific opinion that I push my kids toward self-sufficiency faster than parents with fewer kids do. This is based almost entirely on my morning daycare routine, in which G and L are both supposed to unpack their own food and put it away in the fridge and hang up their backpacks in their cubbies. Many to most of their classmates are singletons, and I don't see any other parent taking the slow route, which is letting their kids put the food away.

Yes, it would be faster to do it myself. Yes, it would mean that I could just open the fridge instead of G's custom, which is to grab two dinosaurs from the dinosaur bin, get them each to grab a hammer from the workbench, and help the dinosaurs open the fridge via the clawed back of the 4-inch toy hammers.

But even dinosaurs who never evolved enough to enjoy opposable thumbs are entitled to cold milk, yo, and who am I to argue.

So here's the thing: I'm never early to work, anyway. And I want him to put his own food away because if he is, then I can hope that one classroom over, his sister is doing the same. And if I'm to shepherd this larger-than-average family, you can bet that my little dinosaur-and-hammer loving sheep need to learn to participate in their upkeep.

All of this translated recently into a new initiative to help the littles develop some self-sufficiency in their eternal quest for more food. Seriously, do you know how often they want to eat? I think it's every twelve minutes. That's unscientific, too, but I have more of an artist-type brain, really. Math and charts and stuff aren't my gig. Anyway: yogurt.

Yogurt is so self-sufficient-child-friendly!! As it turns out, though, I hadn't factored in that only one of the three kids actually likes yogurt, but every bit of not needing Mama helps, right? Drops in the well, and all that.

So I set L on a big yogurt-as-snack and help yourself! anytime! experience. She was drunk on power and even cleaned up after herself without being asked, which of course means that this plan was a winner.

Until the day where I couldn't find a teaspoon. None in the drawer, none in the sink, and only two in the dishwasher. I have service for 16! What's up with my teaspoons, I wonder?

Ms. Self-Sufficient was throwing them out in the garbage along with the yogurt cup, just like she does (with plastic spoons) at school.


Score one for the sheep.

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn't belong. 
Can you tell which thing is not like the others because Robin needed teaspoons and bought a cheap, boring set at Target?

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