Friday, August 3, 2012

Tidying up

I'm in New York for BlogHer, which means you're on day three of pre-scheduled posts. How's that going for you? Yes, yesterday's was pre-scheduled, too. I'm tricky that way. BlogHer is my intellectual happy place, where thousands of people understand my favorite hobby and don't think it defines me as a reclusive weirdo. (I may be a reclusive weirdo, but that's a pre-existing condition.) And Manhattan is my physical happy place. Beyond the formal sessions of the conference (which have thus far included a live address by President Obama via streaming video, a keynote by Katie Couric, another by Martha Stewart, and all kinds of geeky social media learning), I've NYC-ed it up: visited the 9/11 memorial, took in a drag show, had cocktails whilst lounging on floor-model Harley Davidsons, perused Strand Books. Aahh. 

But this is not the story of my visit to New York, this is the sad tale of my attempt to pack to get there.

Things I have found in my bedroom that should not be there

-a picture book about moose
-a bowl of seashells saved for some craft project
-a fluffy heart-shaped pillow embroidered with the word "Princess"
-two rag dolls named Abby and Vanessa who were won for a dollar's worth of carnival tickets and are now my twin granddaughters, so I'm told
-red googly-eye glasses
-size 3T robot underpants lying just next to the hamper but definitely not inside it
-paper poultry

Things I have not been able to find in my bedroom that should be there

-my left sneaker
-my glasses
-the book I'm reading
-any of my underpants
-nail clippers

Paper poultry, anyone?

It occurs to me that this has great play-along potential. Tell me: what's in your bedroom? Ooh- should I put up a linky? Let me know!
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