Sunday, November 27, 2011


Mama, L called to me, Mama, look at your boot. She held out one of my black boots. I hadn't worn those since early in the week. What had happened to my boot?

Look what I found inside it!

Now, let's parse that sentence. Why was she looking inside my boot? And why would anything be inside it? This is L, the mischief maker with the carefully cultivated look of wide-eyed innocence. If there is anything in my boot, she knows about it because she put it there.

"What's in my boot, kiddo?" She pulled out one of the magnetic locks that we use to lock the kitchen cabinets away from curious toddler hands. I just found it there!

(Translation: I put it there a day or two ago, when I was rearranging the house per my usual activities. But I forgot about it, but found it again when I decided to further mess with your shoes and found evidence of my prior exploits. I'm congratulating myself on some well-worked obfuscation, but there's no celebration without a witness.)

For as long as she has been mobile, L has been rearranging the house according to some secret master plan. Remember the gorilla climbing my grandmother's cake pan? That is not even strange, I'm afraid. Today I found two folded (clean, I think) washcloths in the pretty little wood bowl that lives on the console in the living room. I found two spatulas in the bathroom and dental floss tucked inside the thumb of my favorite kitchen hot pad. Just now, the lovely husband pulled a travel-sized hand lotion out of the belly of her ride-on horse.

For the past few weeks, if the camera was nearby I took photos of L's product placement. May I present a sampling of her works:

Where do you hang your stethoscope at night?

Her firefighter umbrella hangs from a side lamp in the living room.

And the same day, a solitary rain boot keeps company with a basement lamp.

One night, as I put my hand on the light switch to darken the first floor before going to bed, I found myself being spied upon by a rubber ducky balancing on a kitchen chair.

The animal crackers cohabitate with some pom-poms, bamboo blocks, and a Connect-4 chip.

She reminds me of an early Louise Nevelson. This does not bode well for the state of affairs in our home, but her curious little brain fascinates me. Pin It