Monday, November 21, 2011

Family snuggle

"I'm taking him up," declared the lovely husband. The boy was visibly tired, and while we usually take all three upstairs together, he could benefit tonight from a few minutes' head start.

The kids are exactly what we dreamed for in closeness. They intertwine their games and their bodies and can't ever really separate, running back each for one more hug or one more kiss. It makes a mama-heart gratified, that of their own accord they'll seek out their siblings for more affection, more anchoring via love. So it is equal parts exasperating and fulfilling when they can't move on to their next tasks because they're still reaching for one more embrace.

The best morning example is when I try to take leave of G in his classroom, escorting L away from him towards her own class. Each morning she approaches the door and doubles back, finds her brother already in his chair for class breakfast, and wraps her arms around his neck. Each morning he leans his head sideways against her collarbone, closes his eyes in bliss, and smiles and sighs. Then she yells BYE! and waves and he yells BYE! and waves and you'd think that was that, but she reaches the door and turns back. One more kiss? He holds out his hand and opens and closes his fist. She runs back and kisses him on his forehead or his nose or cheek and only then can they depart each other.

The best evening example is bedtime.

On most nights, when all three go up together, G is ready for bed first since he is still pajama-ed with adult assistance, and the girls are (allegedly) self-directed. So G runs into each of the girls' rooms, dispensing kisses and draping hugs, and each night they chase him. One more? One more? And their love for each other is more important than a five-minute-faster bedtime, we decide each night, and so they pull him onto their laps and he laps up their embraces and hug, G? Kiss? and the three love on each other until they've had their fill. You should fall asleep love-saturated, I think.

But tonight, when G went on ahead, the girls still needed their fill. So when I sent them up to get teeth brushed and pajamas picked and storybooks found, with my promise to follow in five minutes with milk and water for bed, I should have known what would happen. I found them all snuggled together in G's bed. The lovely husband and the lovely boy were reading his books. The girls were curled up right with them.
On most nights, this daddy monster and his three baby monsters live in G's bed. Tonight I found this tableau times two.

Psst- why I'm sleeping better, over here.
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