Thursday, November 10, 2011


An important fact, my friends: the lovely husband has returned home. I think he plans to be home for two solid weeks. After that I've heard dirty words like "Dallas," and "Atlanta," but I'm ignoring them for now.

Meanwhile, because we love to veer to the extremes with our emotions here in the noteverstill homestead, this has also been a week of Something Very Good.

(And didn't we totally deserve that this week?)

You will recall that E's aftercare situation was a little tenuous. We never found the ideal nanny we wanted; and although we did find a great temporary caregiver, we hired her knowing that she was nearly eight months pregnant. And she had the audacity to go actually have that baby, so we were scrambling. Well, scramble no longer; we have a winner.

A sweet young lady who comes from a traditional family whose parents don't really want her out in the world too much on her own, so she still lives with them although she just graduated from college in May (with a degree in studio art), NannyN lives about three miles away. Since she began on Monday she and E have spent about 15 hours on a single, intensive project. From a large cardboard box, they're building a doll castle. They've painted and bricked (from cardboard chips they cut themselves) and fashioned curtains from sheets of bubble paper and created a door from the plastic-window-framed lid of a bakery box. E is so happy that when NannyN tries to leave at the end of the night, E sits on her feet so that she can't go.

I daresay that this arrangement is just about perfect. E craved someone who would work creatively with her, and NannyN is far more creative that the lovely husband or I. She's thrilled to have something long-term to design and ponder, and she's so engaged and bursting with new ideas and plans.

It's fantastic, and thank goodness.

When I told E that I thought I had finally found the perfect caregiver for her, after an incredible series of disappointments, E had just one question: is she laughy?

What E meant, I think, was: is she fun? Is she spirited and will she make our afternoons fun? Is she incandescent like my own personality? Will she bring more joy or less to my days?

The answer, it appears from the tushie-marks on NannyN's feet, is more. Would you kindly toss a drop into the wishing well of the universe that she might want to stay with us for a long, long time?

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