Saturday, November 5, 2011

In advance of the plunge

Image via ~Miss Talky luvs the ocean~

I think of myself as emotional susceptible. Whereas my lovely husband lives entirely in the world of logic, forms his opinions based on it, and projects emotions as direct result of those opinion-conclusions, I'm spongy and vulnerable to outside influences.

This one, the end of daylight savings, is one of the hardest for me.

I understand our agrarian roots and I understand that if I had to work cattle in Oklahoma in the summer, I'd want the construct of time to shift off the sun's axis for a bit of respite. I don't resent the system logically, but I've already told you my emotions don't often stem from logic. The slow descent we've been experiencing for weeks is something to resent and lament but this hour's jolt into loss and darkness feels unnatural against the lapping waves of my poor unsettled brain, like those thermal springs where you're encouraged to jump from the warm, drowsy water into an ice bath.

I do not like it, and I will be a disoriented, squinty-eyed crankypants tomorrow evening.

Are you emotionally susceptible or impermeable? What does the darkness do to you?
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