Thursday, September 1, 2011

With an open heart and a churning stomach, I say unto you

You know how on Iron Chef there's always that part in the introduction: "But there is one more ingredient to this battle -- the secret ingredient" that builds the tension and sets the theme for the showdown? That moment is how this whole week is felt. I'm in an unfamiliar stadium, a challenger opposing a world of veterans, and I still don't know what obstacles are coming.

So far we've faced down PE, finding her classroom from the cafeteria door, keeping her foods cold enough without refrigeration, and all the invisible demons like anxiety and shyness. She cried at drop-off and pick-up, but tonight's stories about the day were the lengthiest and most expressively delivered yet.

Meanwhile, L has decided that she will have major freak-outs about these changes, after all; we've found a nanny but she's only available for about six weeks; G has decided he only eats grapes off the vine, and then punctures them with his teeth, sucks the juice, and flings the shredded skins to remote locales, found later only by the reliable trails of ants; and for some reason I found half my couch on the staircase tonight.

(Apparently, there was a fort involved.)

We are slowly figuring out the new normal, but by slowly I mean s--l--o--w--l--y, and I can't remember the last time I was so grateful for the arrival of a Friday. Thank you so, so much for your encouragement this week. I'm going to post lightly this weekend and spend extra cuddle time with my babes and offer extra boosts of love and security, because it's one thing I can control a little.

Happy Friday, friends. And if you have Monday off to acknowledge how much we labor, enjoy your long weekend. Pin It