Monday, August 22, 2011


Those eight legs used to crawl together. This is the legacy of daycare babies: their friends have been there longer than their memories. They learned to crawl together, and eat solid food, walk and drink from a cup, jump and hug and joke and fight and spell each others' names.

For E, this is the last week of daycare. On Monday she leaves those lifelong friends behind for a new world, new memories to make, new skills and joys and challenges to conquer.

In the next week or so those eight legs will become three kindergarteners and a first grader, but I'll always remember them foremost as the squeaky tinies who fell over sideways when we'd prop them up against each other for a group photo.

This is the last week for her of daycare. Tonight was the last night for the year at the splash fountain. This is the last bit of summer and those legs belong to mighty giants, titans of the playground and the cascading water and the amazing potential that comes with growing up.

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