Sunday, July 31, 2011

This is just another BlogHer post

I tell you that I'm leaving in 30 hours for BlogHer '11 and you either know exactly what I'm talking about or you have absolutely no idea. I'm used to that, in reference to my favorite medium.

There will be over 3000 bloggers alongside me in San Diego, talking about page rank and SEO (technical stuff I should understand but feel no passion for) and using your blog for social justice (wait until I get all up in your face on Friday about breastfeeding again) (yes, I have blog posts prescheduled for when I'm gone) (I'm a blogger; it's what we do) and subjects like using your blog to craft a book proposal and find an agent (ooh, intriguing). It's an immersion into the world of blogging, a blogmersion, I'm now going to call it, and you may be bewildered about the appeal but I'm practically thrumming with excitement.

I can't imagine donning a velvet corset for a Renaissance Festival. You know? Or being a gamer. We all have our own geek flag to fly.

Blogging is also increasingly about business, and a number of amazing sponsors are hosting events in concert with BlogHer itself. So not only am I going to find time to hit the Geek Bar to get some help with the social media buttons in the footer of each post that I cannot align on my own, I'm going to a sunrise yoga class at the marina sponsored by a fitness brand; a poolside lunch sponsored by California Raisins because, you know, I got in; an advance screening of the movie The Help that's being released on August 10th, and a Disney-hosted cocktail reception following; an event at a wine bar on Wednesday night when we first arrive that is sponsored by a brand of kettle corn; and the nine official parties, too (or some subset thereof).

Yum, kettle corn.

And I'm most excited about the Community Keynote, in which 20 or so bloggers will read posts that they've written in the past year, from a field of publicly nominated and carefully curated pieces. It's supposed to be the best of blog writing, presented by the writers themselves, and it's supposed to be amazingly moving and pee-inducing funny and if I come away from this intensely overwhelming weekend more exhilarated than overhwelmed, it's a goal of mine to read in that Keynote one day.

So what am I doing? I'm diving in. The BlogHer staff calls the annual BlogHer conference "the conference that community built" and I love this community. I'm a teeny, tiny fish in a humungous ocean, but I'm going to enjoy every minute of it, and go with no expectations, no pressure on myself, and lots of hopes for fun and learning and adventure.

Will you be at BlogHer? DM me on Twitter @noteverstill and let's meet up!

And if you have no idea what that last sentence means, let me rephrase this post for you briefly:

I'm headed to San Diego for a few days. It's been 100 degrees for two weeks straight here, and San Diego will be in the high 70s. I'm traveling without my family so when I fall asleep at night, I intend to stay asleep. I'm going on an adventure, just for me, to spend time focusing on something I love.

And that's fantastic, isn't it? We should make time for the things we love.

And I really love kettle corn. Pin It