Friday, July 29, 2011

Sentiments aside

(You've seen this before, yes? It's popular right now. And it's lovely, I know.)

Listen. In this house...

the flower beds are crazy in need of weeding
and I'm too hot to do anything about it.

you might find dried shredded cheese shreds in the folds of the couch
but unless you question its placement by calling it "strips cheese," nobody will understand you.

there seems to be a lot of naked time by the youngest three residents

even on the first floor
even in the middle of the day
even if you've stopped by to visit.

so you might find yourself stepping over neon-hued underpants
anywhere in this house.

we have friends we cannot see
and they are always invited to join us to eat or to play
but we don't blame our messes on them,

or Mama will get cranky.

you can bring over your invisible friend, too
or your unicorn
or your fairies
or your magic race car flying carpet broomstick rocket ship time machine

as long as it doesn't leak jet fuel
or fairy dust
or unicorn poop

onto the upholstery,
because dried strips cheese is not very absorbent.

you might find
magnets flung off the fridge and across the floor
or the paper recycling dumped upside-down like confetti for giants
or all the shoes climbing each other in a mountain
directly in front of the shoe cabinet

(which is why you had to squeeze through a partially closed front door).

you might find
firefighter pants and a rainbow-haired wig and a sparkly tutu
on the coffee table

and you surely will find picture books everywhere
except, perhaps, on shelves.

we do squeals
we do rambunctious
we do marching bands through the hall.

and, I will concede,
we do loud {REALLY WELL}.

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