Saturday, July 16, 2011

But enough about you; let's talk about me

This week, my friend Ciao Mom is throwing out a challenge. She says:
The more and and more I thought about it, the more I realized that I do a pretty bang up job on thinking about the things I perceive as negatives about myself and a pretty poor job thinking about my positives.  You might go so far as to say that I cannot remember listing things about myself that I liked. Maybe I have never done it. Which really, is sad.
Then she asks: how can other people see the awesomeness in us if we cannot see it ourselves?

A fine question, and I do like to look for the awesomeness.
This is in our front hall.
So, a Saturday meme, then. Let me tell you some things I like about me.

1. I have great eyes. They're the prettiest part of me. (I like my toes, too.)

2. I like my voice and my laugh. My laugh is the kind described as "infectious" and my voice can be quiet and soothing or strong and commanding.

3. (Once you have my attention,) I'm a good listener. And I have a great memory, so I'll hold on to the details of your stories. You don't need to repeat yourself with me.

4. I'm a good writer, and a good storyteller (and they're not the same thing.)

5. I'm open-minded (except, sometimes, as regards politics).

6. I'll try new things.

7. I love my circle of friends.

8. That includes you. I love my little, loyal blog community. I love this blog and how I've built it in the past three years. You and this bring me much joy.

9. I'm a really fun mom. My kids will never brag that they grow up in the cleanest house they've seen, but they know that any hare-brained scheme can be brought to me and I'll try to find a way to say yes.

(9a. I am proud of the activities we do together. We have great family time.
9b. And I'm proud of how I'm cultivating imagination and curiousity. Our kids are growing into really interesting people.)

10. I'm proud of our marriage. We are a well-matched (in the opposites attract sense: everything from he's tall/I'm short to he's logical/I'm emotional to he's great with practical day-to-day details and I push our dreams to come true) pair and we balance each other so nicely.

11. I love the story arc of my life. Most of the most important details have not worked out as I've planned but it's been for the best, in every instance. Where my life is now is a surprise to me, but I'm happy and I find myself becoming more happy every year.

I like me. I really like me. Now tell me: what do you like about you?

(And if you post about it, go link up - these posts are great reads. You'll be reminded of yet more things that you like about yourself.)

Awww, you guys. Group hug.

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