Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You are my sunshine

Her room is a cozy dark nest of blackout shades and layered blankets and dozens of plush snuggle-mates and a light-projected rainbow canopy. It's cheery and welcoming even in the dark of night, and as daylight breaks, it chirps gently with the chorus of the cardinal family, and the bluebirds, and the orioles and several nests of robins that live in the leafy kingdom that hugs that corner of our home.

Don't tell her siblings, but I think hers is my favorite room in our house.

L is easily our best sleeper these days, but is also (and has always been) an earlybird. I got out of the shower this morning and whispered to the lovely husband that L's door was open. Oh yeah, he whispered back from the middle of a tangled knot comprised of the limbs of our two less-successful sleepers, she went downstairs about an hour ago.

I went downstairs and found this:

in the white light of morning, under last night's balloon, she's sound asleep on the family room couch.
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