Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Restricted to property

When L was a toddler, her antics were fierce. The lovely husband was fond of saying, "she'll either end up with a Nobel Prize or in prison."

That lovely husband has been away for work for almost a week now, and whenever he is absent that lovely L has a habit of appropriating one of his possessions as her temporary lovey. For this trip, it's the rubberized buckle band thing that gathers up the power cords for his laptop. As you know, she also has a habit of positioning or repurposing objects in unusual ways.

Every night this week as she's gotten ready for bed she's fashioned a bracelet of the cord keeper. On the first night she tried to wear it on her wrist, but even on its tightest setting it was too loose, and fell off. So she unbuckled it and rebuckled it around her ankle. And every night since he's been gone she's slept with his laptop cord keeper serving as daddy totem and anklet. Every morning she wakes up and leaves it on her bedside table, and every night she puts it back on her ankle when she changes into pajamas.

I've been looking at this thing for six nights now, encircling her ankle, and trying to conjure some distant association that's eluded me each time. She tells me it's for her skates (because, duh), and I think she's thinking of it sort of like a bicycle garter, but I finally realized tonight what it really reminds me of:

it looks like an electronic monitoring device.  Too bad, Nobel Prize. Pin It