Friday, June 10, 2011

One more visit

We popped in to E's soon-to-be kindergarten today. She needed some reinforcement of her memories of her past glimpses so she can feel more comfortable for the big upcoming Life As We Know It CHANGE. It was her idea. She just wanted to look, just one more time.

She wore blue and white today. The kids there always wear blue and white on Fridays to honor Shabbat, the Jewish sabbath. She watched the kids practice the Shabbat rituals. Small glasses of grape juice were passed around. One was offered to each of us. She hesitated, and surprised me by taking it.

"Do you like the purple grape juice?" I asked after watching her sip it cautiously. At home we drink the white grape juice because that's always been her stated preference.

She looked around as all those big kindergarteners drank the purple juice with obvious comfort. She tasted again. She considered. I like it, she said finally.

As we left the room the school liaison who was giving us our tour noted the spill on E's shirt. For a moment E looked upset. The purple splotch on her belly marred the crisp white she'd donned so proudly.

"Look at you!" the liaison smiled. "You got grape juice all over your white shirt. You look just like every other kid here! Everywhere you look: white shirts with faded purple stains. You're a natural for kindergarten!"

E giggled. She beamed. She skipped down the hall, like it's just where she belongs. Pin It