Friday, April 8, 2011

Mother of the fashionista

Yesterday I had a big presentation to give at work so I dressed a little more nicely than usual. E noticed, of course, and asked why.

"I have a big meeting, love. How do I look?"

She studied me. I had meant the question casually but now I awaited her response with interest. She, at five, will study her form and add a purple posey to her hair, or askirt under a dress like a bustle, or a velvet ribbon around her hips tied in a bow. She has - is this a valid thing to say about a child? - a critical fashion eye.

You always push up your sleeves when you talk. How about a bracelet?

I walked to my jewelry, because she truly notices everything. I hadn't thought about it myself but I do, always, push up my sleeves. Her response shocked me with its acuity, embraced me with her careful knowledge of me, and had me nodding at her discerning eye. What a kid.

Well, she was right, of course. I was complimented on it all day.
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