Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dipthongs are ruining my life (and digraphs aren't doing much for me, either)

All of a sudden E is reading. That's a sentence that needs to be highly qualified, though, because E is reading all the words in which the letters behave as if we expect them to behave. She can read words like "goblin" and "frozen" and sight words like "the" or her own name. And then there are all the other words.

Try explaining "eye" to a phonetic reader, or "phone," for that matter. And now I feel the need to tell you that "eye" is actually a tripthong.

I think. Who actually needs to know this stuff?

I want to cheer her on. Go, E! Conquer literacy, and then the world.

And I'm thrilled that she's so excited, but I'm on the verge of imposing a reading curfew. That's right, no more reading after 7. I'm going to have to force her to watch television. I can't get anything done because I'm stooped over another fairy-themed paperback, explaining that "ch" is not kuh-huh.

And then, because she is a child for whom concepts need to be grounded in reason, she asks, but why isn't 'ch' really a kuh-huh?

Anybody know the answer? I'll let you stay up past curfew if you do. Pin It