Saturday, December 3, 2011

You should remind me of this

I walked in the door
and did not plug in my phone to charge
or flip through the mail
or open the closet door to hang my coat on its hook.
I did not walk through the front hall to the kitchen
I barely said hello to my kids
I kicked off my shoes and tossed my keys and said to my lovely husband,
"I am about three words from an emotional breakdown. Do you care if I go lie upstairs in the dark quiet for twenty minutes?"
and he took my purse from my hands and said
and I slept for three hours.
And he fed them and wiped them and brushed them and undressed them and pajamaed them and answered them and fetched for them and kissed them and refereed them and I walked out of my room to the sound of their nearby laughter as they kept each other company through each of their bedtime routines, groggily from the time lapse, and G yelled Mama! and opened and closed his fists in my direction and I took him into my arms and he lay his sweet head against my shoulder and I breathed in deeply of his contentment and the girls, well-attended in my absence such that my reappearance was a mere pleasantry, waved only hi as they skipped from one room to the next and the lovely husband just smiled
and the world, suddenly, was not so bleak.

Friday night dinner with my family is my favorite dinner of the week. I missed it yesterday but as it turns out, there is no merit badge for chronic exhaustion. Everything is better when I get some sleep.

Psst- this post made the front page of DC Blogs! So now you should also remind me to notify them that I modified my blog name nearly two years ago (when G was born). Pin It