Sunday, November 20, 2011

A sensory perspective

But why isn't Denise coming here to make turkey again? E asked. 

"Because she doesn't need our help with turkey anymore, love. But we could just have her over again for fun, if you want."

Yeah, yeah, that's fine. But I really wanted to make a turkey with her.

"Why, babe?"

Because she lets me do the greasy part. I like rubbing the greasy stuff all over it.


This morning a tornado encircled our house. It didn't extend more than a few feet off the ground, but the noise was such that I was worried about E's sensitivities. Some people inherit legacies to college enrollments, or use restrictions on their land, or antique cars. When we moved into this house, we inherited a spot in the neighborhood's landscaping co-op. A group of neighbors all use the same landscaping service and informally buy in bulk. Their rates are so low that we joined in as soon as we learned about it. Today was the day that the company did the first round of leaf clean-up. It was deafening. 

I checked on E to see how she was faring. Her reaction was completely in line with the sensitivities that had me worried for her, and yet took me completely by surprise.

Oh, thank goodness! she exclaimed. Now I won't have to itch on all those crunchy leaves!


This afternoon while our two best boys napped together, I took the girls outside to do some fall gardening. The flower beds were freshly uncovered of fallen leaves, and so we raked some mulch and planted some bulbs. L was an earnest helper. I poked holes and she stuffed in the bulbs and lovingly covered them with dirt. We couldn't get E to help very much, though. Every time I dug a little hole in the ground she squealed.

She couldn't be bothered to do any gardening because she spent two hours playing with worms.

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