Thursday, July 28, 2011

Save the field trip!

One day last week the girls and I played hooky.We dropped off their little brother (whom we love dearly, but would have cramped our style**) for a regular old day of daycare and we headed downtown for an adventure.

We were invited to spend a day at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History to get the word out about Kleenex's campaign to Save the Field Trip. The best way to do that, of course, is to have a field trip of our own! We met with a few fellow DC Moms, and a bunch of their kids and a few of their husbands, and we gathered in the Rotunda with two docents. I love museum docents, especially when they explain the mechanisms of elephant taxidermy to my three-year-old.

We loved exploring with @thienkim @MinkyMoo @wifeandmommy @ciaomom @teachmama @GoonSquadSarah @JanineNickel @thenagainphoto and @TechSavvyMama and their lovely families. They made for such engaging company that we were quickly able to forget about wondering where all the elephant blood is stored.

We did some serious exploration in the Discovery Room, where my girls colored, studied X-rays, peeked through binoculars and microscopes, and got to engage in some great hands-on learning with a curatorial expert by their side, answering their every question.

We really loved our private tour of the Forensic Anthropology lab. "These are real bones - and you can touch them! (Carefully!)" was what we were told as as walked in, and my girls were immediately intrigued.

We got to speak with the insect curator, and isn't that a great job title?

And then we were invited to touch all kinds of creepy-crawlies; my girls declined, though, being more fascinated with the exhibit on fireflies.

The Butterfly Pavilion was, as always, breathtaking.

And the girls saw their first IMAX show! They rocked the yellow glasses and were so funny when they repeatedly held their hands up to the screen to block the vivid imagery from bumping into them.

Kleenex wants our children’s schools to win money for field trips in 2011-2012! The Kleenex brand Back to School Sweepstakes will award 100 schools a $5,000 award each to be used toward field trips during the 2001-2012 school year. You can enter the sweepstakes right now with a few simple steps:
  • Visit
  • Click on the ‘Back to School’ tab at the top of the page
  • Vote for our favorite participating school -OR-
  • Register the school of your choice by clicking ‘Add a School’ box and filling out the digital registration form
Voting ends September 14, 2011, and winning schools will be notified September 15. Since E is entering kindergarten one month from tomorrow, I'm about to become a really involved school mama. I registered her new school with Kleenex's sweepstakes to help support our new community.

**In which 'style' refers to tromping around downtown on the hottest, most humid day of the year in a tutu and firefighter rainboots. Obviously.

#KleenexFieldTrips is a campaign coordinated by The Motherhood and Kleenex, who sponsored our adventure. And what an adventure it was. Thank you!!

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