Friday, July 22, 2011

Ode to G

Today was the last day for one of G's classroom teachers, who is leaving us to pursue a new educational path on the west coast. She has been a sweet and calming teacher who was wonderful for G's emotional security and comfort, but this post isn't about that. It's about the delight of recognizing your child through another person's eyes. Ms. J wrote G a goodbye note, and the following is an exerpt:
Gosh, I am going to miss you! I greatly enjoyed serving you yogurt every morning when you came into the room. G, you are such a loving, social, positive person. I love that one of your first and most-used words is "yaaay!" Somehow, you say so much with your tone of voice, even without a huge vocabulary. I love how excited you get about activities you enjoy...things like going outside, riding in the wagon, building towers out of blocks, and painting -- and of course, snack time! You love to share your enthusiasm and excitedment with others, and those around you are so lucky to be a part of that positive energy! I'm really going to miss you and the way you quietly rock from side to side smiling when I play music during circle time. You are going to grow so much in the coming months and years and I wish I could be around to see! Keep having fun each day.

Ms. J, if you ever see this, thank you for the care and love and education you brought into G's life. And thank you for your words, and for recognizing his individuality in a busy sea of cheerio-flinging, shoe-chewing, primary-colored aquarium of happy toddler mania. We'll miss you.

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