Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Synovitis (maybe)

So, an update! Mr. Little Man with the Not Walking: he’s walking again. And running and smiling and jumping on the couch with willful disregard for its edge or the properties of gravity or the physical limits of my room-crossing arms-reaching toddler-saving heroic abilities.

He’s back to scaring us in the usual way instead of in Monday’s unusual way.

He’s fine. We think.

Monday evening showed him perking up and moving more. On Tuesday morning he seemed fine until we got to school, but when I put him down on the sidewalk he chose to crawl (in shorts and bare knees) instead of walking. Would you crawl across a sidewalk bare-kneed voluntarily? Hmm…

But that was the last occurrence. By last night he was behaving like the self-applauding cyclone he normally is.

Our fine pediatricians are guessing he had transient synovitis of his hip joint. It’s an inflammation and swelling and fluid build-up thing that might just happen, might be related to a virus we wouldn’t have otherwise even noticed, or might have been related to him injuring himself some way. It’s a diagnosis of exclusion, complicated by our patient still only knowing a dozen or so words. We’re not going to do the blood tests or x-rays or things that might confirm that diagnosis, because I’m feeling comfortable with taking a non-interventionist stance. Let’s not poke and radiate my baby if it’s less than completely necessary.

So that’s what happened. Maybe. Factoid: pediatric hip synovitis is two to four times more likely to occur in boys than in girls.

My lucky boy.

Thank you, all, for your concern and supportive words. I hoped and thought it was a no-thing, but if it had been the beginning of a Thing, I couldn’t not tell you. Pin It