Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fairy friendly

We're way into fairies right now, here in the noteverstill house. We want our small friends to feel welcome here so today we built them an inviting little garden.

We started with some craft-store balsa-wood birdhouses and some paint in all our favorite brightest colors.

We painted these little star chips with the silver glitter paint for our flagstone paths.

(And Mama sprayed everything with a clear sealant.)

After a careful inspection of the yard, we set up the fairy garden in the back corner, tucked gently under the forsythia and two elms, cradled from the elements.

(Can you spot E's bright pink shirt as she carefully arranges little pebbles?)

We transplanted some moss from under the swing set, and added a bubbling brook of aquarium pebbles, and an accompanying aquarium bridge for safe passage. The tiny terracotta pots also came from the craft store, and we planted them with clover and buttercups. The pots even have drainage holes, so we made sure to poke the plant roots through straight into the moss, which we watered gently so that it will root to its new soil.

{E: Mama, why do the fairies need a bridge? Don't they just fly everywhere?
L: For their bug friends. See the ant? The ant would drown. Then the fairies would be sad.}

We know fairies prefer to stay out of human sight so we hope they enjoy the privacy of that back corner of the yard. We peeked out on them this evening before the girls went to bed and we couldn't be entirely sure, but we think we saw some sparkles dancing through the air.
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