Sunday, March 27, 2011

On the bubble

A Galilean thermometer hangs outside of our kitchen window and it's a perfect example of how the lovely husband and I see the world: I love the thermometer so much because I think it's pretty and he dislikes it because it has limited utility and it's imprecise and yet he never suggests we replace it with another one because he loves me.

These thermometers only measure the temperature in five-degree increments, and the lowest measurement this particular model will show is 50 degrees. It works for me because anything below 50 is cold, isn't it? And the details don't much matter.

50 is when I'll send the kids outside to play without bundling; the degree at which I'll toss them out the backdoor and not worry about their welfare. This picture is from last last week, as we spent the early part of a Sunday morning watching for that first bubble to drop and tell us the neighborhood has left the cold 40s behind.

The weekend before that it was almost 80 here, and now as I type it's snowing outside our windows. I think March is off her meds. Pin It


Ninotchka said...

Ha ha ha 'March is off her meds" Love it!

Uncle Matt said...

This is one reason it's a good thing you moved south. It was a nice, balmy 25 degrees when I left the apartment this morning. Spring has finally arrived here in Boston!

This Heavenly Life said...

I've always been confused by those bubble thermometers -- but I do think they're pretty! And 50 is definitely the cusp of aggreable temps. Actually, personally, I'll not enjoy under 60...but for the kids and some outdoor playing? 50's will do :)

We're waffling here in MO, too. And I'm not too happy with the snow/sleet of today compared with the sun/heat of last weekend.

SmartBear said...

You are nicer than I...I bundle him up and send him out no matter how many pretty bubbles are still floating! LOL!
P.S. Snowed yesterday here too. This calls for Mama Martinis!