Monday, January 24, 2011

The thing about sick day

Saturday evening I began to realize I wasn't feeling well. I spent Saturday night and Sunday morning doing some very effluviable things, and the lovely husband heroically cared for me and kept the little infectables away from me. By yesterday evening I was feeling weak but non-queasy. We were both exhausted but we felt we may have succeeded.

Until this:

L fell asleep on the couch, and L never falls asleep on the couch.

She went to bed pale, but seemed fine this morning. So we optimistically Monday-morning-ed our Monday morning and I had all three in the car, about 15 yards from the driveway into the building complex, when L inverted her intestines across the car's interior. Two kids went into daycare; L and I took a very stinky drive home.

And then I remembered what we had thought of, at that time, was just an amusing comment: on Friday evening, from the high vantage point of the lovely husband's arms, G threw up across about three feet of the kitchen floor and L drily pointed out, Mama, G drooled

Three of us have been felled. The lovely husband has a trip to Atlanta tomorrow and he never cancels work trips for health reasons so he's a non-factor. That leaves E. Naturally, by bedtime tonight she was pale and unnervingly quiet.

Did you read the title of this post and think that there's a letter missing?

If I'm home tomorrow, nursing a sick, pukey E, it'll be your fault. Pin It


SmartBear said...

Oh no! Did the lovely husband go on his trip? Will you stay home with sick kiddies tomorrow? I will be thinking of you. Hope they all feel better soon. And you too! Feel better soon!

Emily said...

Yeah, but the letter I thought of was an 'a', so don't blame me!

Here's wishing you guys a quick recovery!