Thursday, November 25, 2010

The apple pie

A proper crust batter is mixed with four hands and the measuring spoons. The pastry cutter couldn't be located and spatulas have no place in this recipe.

Clothing is optional, too.

Roll the crust into a disc and freeze. Wipe and/or wash down the table, chairs, floor, hands, knees, feet, bookshelf, and throw that bathroom towel directly into the laundry. Send the staff on a lunch break and chop apples.

Give Sally the baby doll an emergency bath.

It's a little presumptuous, because Sally is the one who had insisted on "helping," but it's hard to counter the notion that more children in this house need more bathing.

Enjoy the company of The Crawling One, who climbs up your leg and begs like a puppy. Quickly nibble the skin off of an apple slice and hand it to him in celebration of his new (third) tooth. Nibble and nibble and nibble, for The Crawling One is also Insatiable, and wonder if he'll wait until he's back in daycare tomorrow to poop it all out.

Chop an extra apple, as rations appear diminished.

Mix the white sugar and the brown sugar and the flour into the sliced apples. Go rogue like you always do in front of the suggestion for lemon juice, and use lime juice instead.

(It's better. Yes, it is. Yes, you should go make a pie right now and try it. See? Delicious.)

Appease the indignation of the staff member who felt slighted at not being called to mix. Share the mixing duties.
Appease the same staff member who finds her hands now sticky, and who really emphatically doesn't like it. Send her away to wash and be gone. Appease her indignation that there is no towel in the bathroom.

Remove the crust from the freezer. Roll out and top with apples (and assistance). Add a cherry, and then decide to add two more. It is the first noteverstill Thanksgiving with three children, the apprentice point out.

Bake and enjoy. Be grateful for the surprise hug that was accompanied with I love baking with you! It's my favorite project in the whole wide world and lime sugar on the small of your back. Be grateful for tradition made of pie and the greatest family in the whole wide world.

Happy Thanksgiving if this is your holiday, too. Happy I'm-Grateful-You-Read-My-Writing Day, all of you. Pin It