Thursday, October 7, 2010

Overwrought metaphor

This was my beloved car three weeks ago:

She took a ride after her transmission failed in morning rush hour.

She was repaired, ostensibly to working order. But then her transmission failed in today's afternoon rush hour. I blocked a major turn lane outside the main exit to the flagship campus of the state's largest university, which was stressful. But strong college boys volunteered to push my car out of traffic, which was wonderful. My car was pointed uphill but the crested me up and around the corner and I coasted downhill, coming to rest in the depression of a church parking lot where I could safely await roadside assistance and contemplate this unfortunate turn of events.

That's when I realized there was a huge dead snake next to me.

He was several feet long and flies were eating out of his eyesockets and the gash on his head.

I had a lot of time to look at him and think about my poor car.

And then today's row truck came and my beloved station wagon took another ride.

The end.
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