Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Future Firefighters of America

On Sunday we went to the annual open house at the fire station down the street. We missed it last year due to a conflicting event so E has been waiting for this since the last time we attended, two years ago.

E enjoyed herself, climbing on the big trucks and stop-drop-and-rolling.

But although we were glad E enjoyed herself, our main delight was in taking L, who has been harboring a firefighter obsession of late. There are days where she won't answer to her own name, insisting instead: Call me firefighter!! She wore her firefighter shirt and her firefighter boots and literally could not contain her excitement.

She loved the hydrant.

She really loved operating the fire hose (and she successfully put out the fire).

She looooved the fire trucks. She kept thumping her chest with glee, yelling: I'm a firefighter! So these are all MINES!

(You know Mines, right? Yours...and mines.)

On our way out, when the event was winding down and the firefighters were relaxing, L witnessed a group of them chatting on one of the larger trucks. Why aren't those firemans in uniform like me? she wondered aloud.

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