Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nature abhors a vacuum

We were having one of those circular conversations that are so particular to mommies and their two-year-olds. "Love, brush your teeth already."

But I am.
"No, you're not, sweetie. Start brushing." But I can't! "Why not?" Because I do not have any toothpaste. "Well, get some toothpaste!" I cannot reach it. "Hon, what have you been doing? Here's the toothpaste." I was eating my cheese stick. "What cheese stick? Here, I put toothpaste on your toothbrush. Now brush your teeth." But I am!

[Momentarily, I turn my back to her.]

"Love, you're still not brushing. What are you doing?" Getting my cheese stick. I'm all done with it.

[She hands me a quarter of a cheese stick.]

You eat it because I am brushing!

I pop it in my mouth. It doesn't taste great...metallic?  Kind of...gritty? Mentally I think to check the expiration date on the package when I go downstairs again, feeling a little frustrated. I think this was a brand new package of cheese sticks.

See, Mommy! I'm brushing, now that I'm not holding my cheese stick. "Wait, you were never holding a cheese stick. Where was it?" Well, I needed to put it down to get my toothbrush. I put it in there.

[She gestures. I look blankly. She sticks her finger in, pointedly.]

I always put my cheese stick in there! Pin It