Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I believe the children are the future.

Mommy, I decided I'm never going to be a mommy. I'm not having kids.

"Oh, yeah, E? Why?"

They're too much work. I don't want to have to do that much work.

"Well, they are a lot of work. But I think they're worth it."

I don't want to work, remember? I toooold you: I'm going to live with you forever and you can always buy me things so I don't have to work.

"Yes, I do remember that you said that."

Can I have another muffin?

"No, love."


"Because one is a treat. But two is unhealthy."

But I ate all my fruit today!

"You can have another muffin tomorrow."

Oh, mannn! Mommy, when I have kids I'm ALWAYS going to let them have two muffins.

"Well, I hope those are some really healthy muffins."

"Wait. I thought you weren't having kids?"

Wellll...okayyy...I'll have kids...because I want somebody to be able to have two muffins.

But since I'll live with you, you'll just take care of them for me. Pin It