Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Light one candle

Happy Chanukah, all my loves. We lit the first candles tonight and will keep on lighting, adding each night, until our five menorahs hold a small inferno.

The lovely husband and I stayed up way too late last night wrapping gifts and for the first time ever I cursed the Internet, because in the days before Internet shopping our relatives did their own gift wrapping. Now everything shows up here in anonymous brown boxes and I shoulder the burden of festive subterfuge for dozens of gifts. Let's just say I already used an entire roll of tape.

The girls knew the prayers this year and willingly said them patiently for the orgy of gifts that they knew would follow. G enjoyed his first night of his first Chanukah, and if you asked him he'd say that the best part was tasting all the wrapping paper frinkles his sisters left like spent confetti across the house.

I had a new article go up at Simple Kids last week: Eight Lessons from Hanukkah for All of Us. To that I'll now add a ninth: remember to pre-assemble any gifts requiring assembly. A certain dollhouse fire station and princess castle only barely beat the clock to bedtime tonight. Luckily, L didn't mind, as this way she could get right in the fire station herself. She is a firefighter, after all. And we have seven more nights of gift-distributing with which to improve our techniques.

 Happy December festivities, friends. Pin It


Emily said...

Happy Chanukah, Robin!

You have five menorahs? Did you buy them at random times because they were pretty or do they each have their own story? (I'm hoping...story.)

SmartBear said...

Happy Chanukah Robin!
Did she like the firefighter house?
I know what you mean about the assembly. This year the tot asked for a "real" drum set with two "spindles" (cymbals). Being my child, it's the only thing he is asking for. It's sitting in pieces in the basement. It will magically get put together somehow.