Friday, November 5, 2010

Reprise: On having a birth plan, and weather interference

On Fridays of NaBloPoMo (and possibly on other days) I'll be re-running posts that originally published on the now-defunct DCMetroMoms before they disappear from the internets forever. This post originally ran on February 5, 2010.

My daughters playing in December's big snowstorm.

Have a birth plan, the books all say. This is my third pregnancy. Want to know my birth plan? Get to the hospital; give birth. You'd think it wouldn't be complicated. And yet, here I sit, 40+ weeks pregnant and the DC snowpocalypse is upon us.

It just got a little complicated.

The Montgomery County government is texting me that we're expecting 28" of snow by the end of the weekend. Stay off the roads. Prepare to shelter in place. Excellent advice, that, but my fetus doesn't know how to text just yet. During the last storm dubbed a 'snowpocalypse,' back in December, our neighborhood got about 20" of snow.  And we never got our street plowed. A mile away, Georgia Avenue was well plowed within a day. The main neighborhood artery was passable within about two days. Our street? First it was sort of smushed down by kids and sleds and dogs and dog walkers. Then some intrepid 4-wheel drive owners ventured out. Eventually, we all drove across lumpy brown slush. Then we had a warm spell, and it melted within a week. But we never saw a plow; those were reserved for bigger streets than ours that needed clearing and re-clearing. Were I feeling reasonable, I'd try to be understanding about that. However.
My almost-born son cannot wait a week. I mean: I cannot wait a week.

So what's a snowbound mama to do? Believe against the barometric-pressure-inducing-labor hype. (Fervently!) Pray for strong plows and abundant salt and maybe some surprise warm sunshine. Ask you, new readers, to send along some good thoughts? Please?

This is Robin's first post for DC Metro Moms. If you've done your part, she's now a very relieved mama of three and her blog is called The Not-Ever-Still Life. If she's still cranky and gestating, you can find her at Not-Ever-Still Life with Girls. Whatever the blog is called, you can always find her on Twitter @noteverstill.
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a li'l bit squishy said...

I'm so glad this birth story had a happy ending! Also, I linked to you today. Call it laziness, or whatever but if I'm going to make it through nanowrimo, my readers are going to have to find someone else to stalk. <3