Friday, May 14, 2010

Still life at the urgent care clinic

As you know, bandaids are worth far more than their boo-boo sheltering powers. They are a powerful emotional panacea, too, and I'm fairly sure they're also infused with pixie dust and magical treasure. No other explanation will suffice to justify the value my girls find in them. L has been known to unwrap an entire box of bandaids and affix them to her jeans as if they were any other stickers. E has been known to wail over invisible wounds until she procures adhesive relief. Needless to say, we keep our bandaid collection on a high shelf in a tall cabinet. We say often, "No blood? No bandaid." And though there are some real injuries that bear creating exceptions to the rule, generally we are real bandaid hardliners.

The mystical aura of the bandaid has made quite an impression on our girls, and E has manifested her reverence in a unique way. Behold, the wounded bear:
May 14, 2010
Still life with flesh wound

Whenever E sees me detagging new clothes (and due to some recent unsanctioned growth-spurting, there's been a lot of detagging in recent days) she grabs the size sticker from my hand and rushes to the aid of her eternally critically wounded menagerie. They're lucky to have her as their nurse. She's a very empathetic soul. Pin It

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Inna said...

I must say, I'll be turning 27 soon and I STILL love colorful bandaids. Whenever I get a cut I love having the most flashy bandaid on. Its an instant heal!