Monday, April 12, 2010

Another 48 hours

1. I was summoned: Mama, can you look in my tushie and see if any toilet paper is stuck inside it?

2. I was disregarded: I told L that there was no time to polish her toenails before school. So she painted them herself. With cream cheese.

3. I was not peed on: G was lying on our bed and I was changing his diaper. He peed in a perfect arc. It soared parallel to his body, over his head, missing him entirely. It soaked his daddy's pillow, instead...and his very unappreciative sister's hand.

4. I was confused about my sexual history: L informed me that her daddy is the mailman, and not my husband.

Never mind that our letter carrier is a woman. What have you been up to lately? Pin It


This Heavenly Life said...

I've been questioning my sanity in wanting more kids, because I feel outnumbered already. Tired, confused, and a little loopy. But despite all that, I still WANT more kids. And the cycle of questioning repeats :)

Laura said...

This is hilarious. Thanks for the laughs. =)

Lisa said...

LOVE IT! Isn't maternity leave the best. Sort of makes me want #3 (then again...)