Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The problem with Two

L isn't a toddler anymore - that's the problem with Two.

If you keep a toddler in the house, you always have whole milk.

If you have whole milk, you look at the old coffee in the coffee pot and see not disappointment, but opportunity.

If you have whole milk, you can take that old coffee, add some chocolate syrup and thick milk and whip yourself up a veritable treat.

Of course, it must be considered that if you had no toddler in the house you might have drunk that coffee while it was hot. But as it turns out, two-year-olds don't believe in the enjoyment of hot beverages, either.

But cold coffee is even worse when you've grown up your toddler into a 2% kind of girl. Pin It

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6512 and growing said...

Love it! Well put. If we could just get our toddlers to drink half and half, that would be even more convenient.