Monday, December 21, 2009


A story in two parts.

Chapter One:  But it corners like it's on rails

My first baby was not human, but she was Japanese. Oh, my Toyota Echo, my Del. She was the greatest little thing:

For about four years she was mine, then I got a station wagon because we were about to have a kid, then we had that kid, then another, and for about four years now she's been the lovely husband's.

But she was mine first, and I love her. She's snub-nosed and tiny and zippy and still gets over 30 mpgs and let's not forget, she was my first baby and she and I, we got around.

But now we're about to have yet another kid. And zippy doesn't fit three car seats, so we've been shopping around to replace her, poor thing. M narrowed down his top choices and today we headed out to a car dealership.

The girls 'drive' the old car in the car lot.

Them, and my mondo-boy-yielding-belly that brought us to this lot.

Got it, Brooke. I think we're good there.

It is not unexpected that the progeny of a car-naming woman will befriend a floor decal.

A few friendly kisses.

And, we got something. Del will leave us tomorrow, and I will mourn her passing.

To be continued...
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