Friday, December 11, 2009

By the book

L's favorite book is Who's Hiding? We've read it every day since she got it nearly a year ago.
It opens to a page of animals, and then every subsequent page asks 'who's hiding?' or 'who's crying?' or 'who has horns?'

She has the book memorized. She'll tell you the that bear is angry even before you turn to the 'who's angry' page.

She's right; the bear can be quite a scowler.

It's a great book.
And it made a great cake.

She loved it, and pointed to all the animals, naming them and their book-identified attributes. Hi, rhino! The rhino has horns. The bear's not angry! The bunny's not crying!

The girl loves everything pink, so I dyed the batter as bright as I dared.

We sang Happy Birthday to her and then her best friend and a heap of family looked on as she blew out her candle (with her sister's help) and stuck her finger right in the frosting.

She was a very happy birthday girl. Oh, and in case you're wondering?

She ate the sheep. Pin It