Sunday, November 22, 2009

I don't even know if you'll ever see this

Our home modem failed tonight, which is cruel all by itself and even more cruel during NaBloPoMo. The blessed Comcast people can't troubleshoot the problem by phone and can't get here in person until Friday. I'm typing this via the 'miracle' of the lovely husband's Blackberry and feeling fairly grateful that nobody considers me important enough to assign one of these to me.

And so, tonight, a very short story. We spent the entire weekend in the company of wonderful friends. There were plenty of good moments but my favorite came tonight when following a pizza dinner, our friend and his six-year-old son were wrestling on the living room floor. L, who had stripped entirely naked to pee (productively!) on the potty and rediapered but never re-dressed, ran directly into the melee. Clad in just that diaper L climbed onto our friend's back as he lay on the floor and straddled him. Instead of being discomfited, he began doing push-ups. In turn, instead of being discomfited L grabbed his shoulders and yelled 'go again! Go again!' which is, of course, the toddler equivalent of 'yee-haw!'

And he did. With the only-diapered form of someone else's uninvited kid straddling his back, he did another set of push-ups while she pinched his shoulders and squealed with delight.

Our modem may have abandoned us but we really do have great friends. Pin It