Saturday, October 31, 2009

Portrait of the Asian Princess

When the first girl was born, a family friend who had been traveling through Thailand sent along a brocade suit. E wore this for Purim when she was two. L wore it this weekend.

It might be the last time we can put her in a costume without her prior approval.

In this age of commercially-purchased costumes that replicate licensed characters, (a norm both girls flagrantly disregarded), we were asked more than once, "who is she?"

I entertained myself by answering, "a blonde Asian princess."

This girl nearly caused an identical incident to the scene created by the other girl last year. Fortunately, the woman infiltrating her space came bearing chocolate, and peace accords were hastily reached.

We went out in the neighborhood tonight: four kids, two parents, probably more than 100 houses. E had two friends over, and L was the little-girl tagalong. We saw four-year-olds being pushed in strollers but L walked the whole route. One of E's friends gave up under the weight of his bag, but L hauled her haul all the way home.

Nobody bother to tell that girl she's little. She wouldn't believe it anyway. She was fantastic, and she (and we) had a wonderful Halloween. Pin It

Portrait of the Tooth Fairy

She said, Mama, I want to be a Tooth Fairy. So we pieced together a Tooth Fairy look.

We made a tooth wand. Every fairy needs a wand!

Fairy wings from her dress-up box.
Tooth barrettes, and dried leaves for a seasonal touch.

A bag of collected teeth on her waistband.

A tooth and toothbrush shirt. A TOOTH FAIRY sash for identification assistance.

Two different shoes.
It's a fairy thing. You wouldn't understand.

(I don't either.)

Everywhere she went, including to my coworkers in her preschool parade in my work building yesterday and to our neighbors on the street tonight, she waved her wand menacingly at people's mouths, yelling gleefully, I took your teeth! I got all your teeth!

No surprise, she's a bit aggressive, as fairies go. Pin It