Friday, September 25, 2009

Still life: the blue period

September 25, 2009
Still life with tiny outfits so radiatingly cute they can make you want to have a baby. Thank goodness that's being addressed.

Yesterday we were given the most delightful box, our first, of boy-baby handmedowns. (Thank you, Sx4!) I will freely admit, I was nervous about this 'boy' thing. We are a house of girls. What are we going to do with this foreign species? The concrete markers that he's coming - these tangibles that are beginning to accumulate around the house - they help. He's not an alien even if he kicks like he wants to emerge like one. He's a baby. Like any other teeny, tiny, smells-like-caramel, spits-like-a-camel gorgeous little creature I already know how to love. He'll be good. We'll be all good.

Seriously: look at the cuteness. How could you resist? Pin It