Monday, September 14, 2009

Preparing for your body's nine-month journey

As your uterus expands, you may find it uncomfortable to wear your regular pants.
Maternity pants are available in several different waists: a low waist that sits beneath your belly, a roll waist that you can fold below or pull above, and a high waist that holds your expanding stomach comfortably.
Your hip bones are no longer reliable. Your pants will fall down for nine months. Needless to say, belts are not an option.

Some women find that their navels will 'pop' as their pregnancies advance.
You may choose to wear a belly band if you find the sensation discomfiting.
All glory be to the outie. It's the only reason your pants don't completely desert you. It's your emergency redundancy.

You may find yourself dressing differently to accommodate your changing proportions.
Maternity shirts are all V-necks or scoop necks because showing a little extra skin up top maintains 'proportions' when your midsection becomes a watermelon field.
It's easier than ever to drop food down your shirt.

Some women experience breast tenderness, soreness, or itching.
It's important to wear a supportive bra during pregnancy. Stay hydrated and use soothing lotions topically as needed.
The bra is not the problem. The skin is not the problem. The scoopneck/V-neck wardrobe is the problem. The morning breakfast bagel habit is the problem. That's not itching. That's a cargo-hold of hijacked poppyseeds.

Eat a banana instead.
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