Saturday, September 5, 2009

Duck, duck, goose

That's not quite right.

Girl, girl, BOY!!!

We're so delighted we don't even mind that
the chauvinists will be delighted, too.

Groundhog is a boy.


Two important housekeeping notes:

1) Yes, there will be a name change. "The Not-Ever-Still Life." Like it? But I'm not making the switch until he's actually here. Let's not prematurely shortchange The Reign of the Girls. They are the reason I began blogging, after all. (The URL will stay the same.)

2) We never talked with the girls about any of the scary medical issues we were facing, so we certainly didn't tell them about the extra medical testing. Therefore, they don't know that we hold this bit of information. E has been asking since about one second after we told her about the pregnancy if it's a boy or a girl, and how do we find out, and when. So for a very long time we've been promising her that she could join us at the 20-week sonogram for the big reveal. She's very excited to witness that moment and regularly asks if it's time yet. I still need to have a sonogram to verify that the baby is growing at appropriate rates, so E will still accompany us. The reveal will be for her benefit. And if you ruin this surprise for her I will haunt you.


For the past few days I've been non-stop thinking the strangest thought I've ever thought:

There's a penis floating around inside me.

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