Thursday, July 23, 2009

Of heaven and of earth and of somewhere in between

Once my fortune cookie informed me that double rainbows signify something good coming in life, or that one good thing will follow another.

Fortune cookies never lie, you know.

So when we saw this on the way home,

A sign in the sky.

and then arrived home to our weekly CSA delivery, which included two zucchini, three cucumbers, three rond de nice squash (so they tell me it's called), four onions, two dozen potatoes and this colorful bounty,

Purple string beans make little girls very, very excited. Enough rainbow chard and patty pan squashes and zucchini blossoms to fill the 10x15" pan make Mama very, very excited.

I knew that the double rainbows referred to that other marvel I caught a glimpse of today:

Brand-new portrait of the one and only and all parts accounted-for Groundhog.

Life is good, friends.
But does anyone have good recipes for three pounds of string beans? Pin It