Monday, July 6, 2009

Fill 'er up

The girls were playing loudly on the floor of the family room, happily surrounded by cracker crumbs, Play-doh crumbs, half-sorted mail, half-sorted laundry, and a few thousand disassembled toy components. Beyond them we could see the kitchen: table covered with their school bags' contents. Empty milk and water cups. Half-eaten yogurt cups. Daily reports. Art projects. Laundry closet doors pushed open by the next load, ready to run, waiting its turn in the perpetually-rotating machine. Counter covered in produce, more half-sorted mail, cutting board and knife. Sink filled with dirty dishes, waiting their chance in the dishwasher, that other perpetually-running machine. Obstacle course of toy bits blockading the floor. And beyond that, the dining room table: unsorted mail, folded laundry, unfolded laundry, serving dishes once laid out to dry, now dry but not away.

M and I looked around. We sighed and shrugged. We looked at each other. We shared a singular thought.

You know what we need around here? More crazy!!

I'm pregnant.

July 2, 2009
First portrait of the littlest monster, anticipated to join the list of things on the floor that we need to step over in early Febrauary 2010. We're so excited about you, Groundhog. (Groundhog? Yes, Groundhog. Because we can't call it Punxsatawney Phil for 20 weeks just to find out it's a girl. Starting out life as a girl named Phil? Not good.)

Let the wild rumpus start.

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