Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Perhaps Madamoiselle would enjoy some Beano

Yesterday E said something to me that I didn't understand. After an uncooperative bout of rebellion I picked her up to carry her where she wasn't voluntarily walking.

She immediately began crying harder, and screaming at me:

Mama! You're squeezing all of the extercise out of me!!

She's said this before when I've picked her up against her will. This act, this violation, it is damaging. It squeezes the accumulated exercise out.

I understand the words, but I don't know what that means.

She knows what exercise is. She's seen both of her parents go out running. She's joined us on walks and on Wii. She imitates my yoga tree pose or balances across a narrow curb or holds her body weight up on her swingset's trapeze bar and tells us she's exercising.

So last night when all was finally quiet I asked her about that phrase. "Love, what did you mean when I picked you up and you said I was squeezing your exercise out?"

When you pick me up here by my hips that squeezes out all of my extercise. She patted her hips as evidence.

"It does? How does your exercise come out?"

Mama! It comes out from the SQUEEZING!

"Oh. Well, how do you get your exercise inside you?"

I swallow it down my throat.

"And HOW does it come out? Where does it come out from? Does it come out from your throat, too?"

No! From my everywhere here. She patted her hips and back.

I think it is possible that maybe I squeezed something out. But I think that squeezable thing? Is GAS. Pin It