Thursday, April 30, 2009


Carler is the ringleader of E's imaginary friends. But don't call him imaginary in front of her; she'll tell you that he's real, he's just not made.

Because I love the way her mind works, this is the first in an occasional series of Carler stories in which I will endeavor to recreate verbatim what E tells me about him, just as soon as I get to my laptop.

Mama, Carler is seven now. He had a birthday and he's in kindergarten. He lives in a bed that's on a boat that's on a car that's on the roof of SMA's house but he can't sleep there tonight because there's a bear at his house. So he's going to stay in my bed and have a sleepover and I'll keep him safe even though I'm not a mom. I'm going to snuggle him because Carler says he's afraid of bears and because I don't like to be alone so Carler will sleep here, on my shoulder. Carler says he likes my snowman sheets. Carler flies a airplane to school and he is going to fly his airplane onto the bear so he can sleep in his house again one day. Carler says you can go downstairs now, Mama. Goodnight, Mama. Pin It